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Silver Screen And Roll Previews Ron Artest

Ron Artest led the Lakers with three steals, and had 10 points today in their 92-88 loss to Barcelona Regal FC. Artest was also the subject of the latest player preview by the SB Nation blog Silver Screen and Roll:

And now it's Ron's second season with the Lakers, and I can only see him improving upon last season, especially during the regular season (his playoffs were pretty good, so there's less room to improve there).  Sure, he'll be a year older, and a fraction of a second slower on defense, but he's still got those great hands, and that solid frame that makes him seem indestructible. With the knowledge that he is a champion and having the burden of proving himself lifted off of his shoulders, he's going to find a nice rhythm within the offense. He's going to feel a part of the Laker family now, instead of an adopted member, and with that level of comfort, we are going to see real consistency from him on offense, and a growing knowledge of where to be and when to shoot, and when to pass, and when to drive.  Sure, he's still going to have those moments where he dribbles aimlessly, and takes shots where we'll be asking ourselves "What kind of shot was that?", but they're going to be fewer and less costly. On defense, he's going to continue to be a nightmare for the other team's guards and forwards.

Artest has 13 points, two rebounds, three assists, and six steals in 41 minutes so far this preseason.

For more insightful Lakers news and analysis, be sure to read Silver Screen and Roll on a regular basis.