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Anschutz Sells AEG: More Details On Sale, Effect On NHL CBA Dealings

Here are some more details of the sale of AEG by the Anschutz Company. The Fourth Period has a more extensive report that details the effects this sale will have on the NHL.

The NHL apparently already knew of the sale before the news broke in big publications like the New York Times and the Wall Street. The sale appears to have no impact in the current CBA talks that keep the NHL lockout going. While the announcement should have little effect CBA negotiations, it sets up an intriguing scenario regarding the current teams in play.

AEG also is the arena operator of the Globe in Stockholm, Coliseum in Oakland, and the Los Angeles Galaxy in addtion to these other valuable Los Angeles properties.

Apparently, there will be no change in the job status of any of the employees. Here is some of the information from an internal memo to AEG employees.

- "The Anschutz Company and AEG, a wholly owned subsidiary of the Anschutz Company, today announced that the Anschutz Company is commencing a process to sell AEG."

- "The Anschutz Company will undertake the sale to the qualified party best able to reflect the full value of AEG and fully committed to working with AEG's management team as it pursues its long-term business objectives."

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