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MMA Is No Sport, According To The Los Angeles Kings

The Los Angeles Kings Twitter account has been active lately, and they have fired up more controversy by taking a stand against the mixed martial arts community that is looking to be the next rising sport in America. Except it's nto even a sport according to the Kings. Travis Hughes of SB Nation files this report that showcases the incendiary tweets that have since been deleted.

Via Anaheim Calling, a glimpse at a few tweets that have since been deleted:


Indeed, a sport isn't real unless you're wearing heavy pads and playing on the natural surface that penguins waddle on to go hunting about for fish. Doesn't anyone know the specifics of what a sport is anymore? No wonder we're falling behind China, a country that also isn't really good at real sports.

Sheesh, all you have to do is win a Stanley Cup title and then all of you start driving Lamborghinis with the top down and super models in every other car seat. Where'd the innocent Kings Nation go?

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