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Dustin Penner Delivers Ice Burn To Conan O'Brien

On Saturday, Conan O'Brien took to his personal (and extremely popular) Twitter account to take a little jab at the Los Angeles Kings ... or perhaps more accurately, at their fans. Kings skater Dustin Penner answered back with a masterful zinger of his own at O'Brien's expense.


Sick burn, Penner. The sickest of burns. O'Brien's original tweet can be viewed here and Penner's can be seen here. O'Brien getting out-zinged in devastating fashion by a professional hockey player is pretty embarrassing -- although not quite as embarrassing as his ratings.

It may have been cold of Penner to point that out, but O'Brien was skating on thin ice. Penner was really able to stick it to that goon. It will probably net the winger plenty of new Twitter followers -- but maybe that was his goal all along. O'Brien had better check himself.

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