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Los Angeles Kings Offseason: NHL Owners Release CBA Proposal

The NHL owners have released their first proposal for the new collective bargaining agreement, something that has an impact on the Los Angeles Kings and every other team in the league. Unfortunately, the CBA proposal points towards some ugly negotiations down the road. Like you would expect from a first round proposal, the owners are looking for some big gains. Some of what they're asking for, via ESPN:

  • Players share of the revenue to move from its current 57-percent to 46-percent
  • Maximum contract length shortened to five years
  • Beginning contracts extended to give years
  • Requirement of 10 years in the league to be an unrestricted free agent
  • Eliminate salary arbitration

The final deal will certainly not resemble the above wishlist, but it does demonstrate that the owners are looking for some big sacrifices from the players.

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