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Kings Vs. Devils, Stanley Cup Finals Game 4 Reaction

Here are some thoughts about the result between the Los Angeles Kings and the New Jersey Devils from many of the best writers around. New Jersey won 3-1 to stay alive and force a Game 5.

In his recap of the game, Robert_P. wrote up at Jewels From the Crown (our SB Nation Kings community) an optimistic appraisal of the loss, and still seemed pretty upbeat about his team's chances to win the series (what a surprise, because his team still is up 3-1 and only need to win one more).

Aside from the relief of finally taking a game in the Final, the Devils have to be concerned about a few things. They continue to be out-chanced by the Kings and in this one the Kings were able to dominate the puck for long stretches. Their biggest question marks are the play of their top line, which continues to bleed in the possession battle, and their defense. Bryce Salvador finished the game as the Devils' leader in ice time at even strength and he was also out attempted 7-21. In addition, he took two awful interference penalties. Look for Salvador to lose minutes in Game 5 if his struggles continue. On the upside, they have to feel good about finally being able to produce some goals with quality scoring opportunities.

John Fischer of In Lou We Trust (our SB Nation Devils community) just seems to be happy that he's able to play one more hockey game.

Again, the Devils didn't play that great of a game - they really need to get their offense to play more consistently and more with the puck. Some of the defensemen also need to shape up and fast; Brodeur covered up a lot of errors tonight. Most of all, it's just one win; the odds and history favor L.A. taking it all. However, they got the result in a good third period and at this point, any means of winning are acceptable. The Devils are still alive.

For more news and notes on the Kings or the NHL Stanley Cup Final, be sure to check out Jewels From The Crown.

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