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Kings Vs. Devils, Stanley Cup Finals 2012 Game 6: Kings Lead 4-1 After 2nd Period

The Los Angeles Kings lead the New Jersey Devils by a score of 4-1 after 40 minutes and are one period away from winning the Stanley Cup. The second period wasn't quite the frenzy of goals that the first was, but Jeff Carter managed to make the most of a slip-up by an official 90 seconds into the period. The linesman drifted away from the boards to avoid interfering with a player entering the game, but that unfortunately put him directly in the path of New Jersey's Anton Volchenkov. Carter went behind the official and a second later the Kings were up 4-0.

Jonathan Quick hasn't had to block too many shots, with the Devils getting only 10 shots through two periods. He did see some action though, as Ryan Carter took out his frustration after Quick made a stop:



The Devils were getting more chances in the second half of the second period than they had in previous minutes. Adam Henrique made the most of one of them, poking one past Quick to put the Devils on the board. Dustin Penner picked up a late penalty for roughing, but with only 17 seconds left in the period the Devils were unable to capitalize. That left Henrique's goal as the only one they picked up, and the Kings are up by three goals and 20 minutes away from the Stanley Cup.