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NBC LA Mixes Up L.A. Kings With Sacramento Kings

Local NBC news affilate, NBCLA mixed up their hometown Los Angeles Kings logo with the Sacramento Kings logo on a graphic during Monday's six o'clock edition of the news.

See a picture of the goof after the jump.



The official L.A. Kings Twitter account poked fun at the mistake on Monday night:

While it would be cool if the Sacramento Kings were in the NBA playoffs as well, mixing up the Sacramento Kings and the L.A. Kings is an embarrassing mistake. Mixing up one of the NBA's worst teams with one of the NHL's best teams just makes you look plain bad.

Avoiding this mistake is easy, if the graphic was double-checked it obviously was not checked by a sports fan. The colors and the logo of both teams are similar, except for the part where one logo says Sacramento and one says Los Angeles.

This was not the first mix-up between the two professional franchises, and likely won't be the last — especially if the Sacramento Kings end up moving to Anaheim.