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NHL Playoffs 2012: Kings Keep Pace, Currently Hold 7th Spot In Postseason Chase

The Los Angeles Kings were hoping for two division rivals to lose on Wednesday night, but they'll happily settle for one, combined with their own 3-0 victory over their hosts the Calgary Flames.

With the win and a San Jose Sharks 3-1 loss to the Anaheim Ducks, the Kings and Sharks are now tied with 88 points and, as of Wednesday night, sit in the seventh and eighth playoff slots in the Western Conference, passing the dormant Phoenix Coyotes, who have 87 points. Unfortunately, the season does not end now, so the Kings will need to keep this pace through their last few games and hope the Sharks continue to falter.

As for the Pacific Division lead, the Dallas Stars remained on top with a win against the Edmonton Oilers on Wednesday and remain just one point ahead of the Kings, well within reach if everything goes right.

NHL Pacific Division Standings
Team Games W-L-OL Pts Remaining
Dallas 77 42-30-5 89 2 home / 3 road
LA Kings
77 38-27-12 88 2 home / 3 road
San Jose
77 39-28-10 88 2 home / 3 road
Phoenix 77 37-27-13 87 3 home / 2 road
Anaheim 77 33-33-11 77 1 home / 4 road
Through games of March 28

Of the five remaining games for the teams, the Stars play two games against the Sharks and the Kings play their final two games of the season against the Sharks. The Coyotes play the Sharks once. All other remaining games will be outside of the division. On paper, San Jose has the best chance of writing their own destiny, as all five of their final games are against the teams they are battling with for a playoff slot and the division title.

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