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NHL All-Star Skills Competition Recap: Corey Perry Brings The House Down In Breakaway Challenge

The NHL All-Star Weekend is in full swing in Ottawa. On Saturday, representatives from both All-Star teams took place in various skills competitions. One of the participants was Anaheim Ducks player Corey Perry, who represented Team Chara in the Allstate Breakaway Challenge.

The event is sort of the NHL version of the slam dunk competition. Each skater has three chances to skate on a breakaway and attempt to take a shot on goal against a goaltender. The fans decide who is the winner of the competition based on text message vote. To that end, the idea is to be as creative or flashy on your breakaway as possible. Although Perry was not selected by the fans, he did provide one of the highlights of the evening.

Perry skated toward the goal with the puck, when we suddenly put on the brakes. He flung away his gloves and his stick while the goalie looked puzzled. Perry lifted up his jersey and at first it seemed as if he was perilously close to reenacting the climactic scene of the film Slap Shot. (You know which one.) Instead, Perry retrieved a miniature hockey stick from the waistband of his pants and skated towards the goal, pushing the puck in front of him to with the tiny stick. He juked, completely tricking the goalie to lunge to his left as Perry sneaked in the backhander at the last instant, much to the delight of the crowd.

Other players in the competition also had fun with the challenge, including Perry's Team Chara teammate Patrick Kane donning a Superman cape for his runs, one of which included an exploding puck. Kane won the fan vote easily, although he did take second place. In any event, Team Chara won the point for the event with ease.

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