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NHL All-Star Skills Competition Recap: Kings Goalie Jonathan Quick On Winning Team In Fastest Skater Competition

The NHL All-Star Weekend is underway in Ottawa, with the All-Star Skills Competition taking place on Saturday evening. One of the players involved in the challenges was Los Angeles Kings goaltender Jonathan Quick.

Quick participated in the Bridgestone Fastest Skater event, where he was one of five representatives for Team Alfredsson. Both teams were comprised of a backwards skater, a rookie skater, a goalie and two other skaters. After Team Alfredsson took the point on the backwards leg of the relay thanks to Kris Letang, the goalies went at it.

Quick and his counterpart, Jimmy Howard of the Detroit Red Wings, were neck-and-neck until rounding the turn, when Quick broke away and headed for the finish line. His time of 16.939 trumped Howard's time of 17.514 and helped his team to another point en route to Quick's taking the competition, four points to two.

Quick's teammates for the challenge included Keith Yandle, Erik Karlsson and rookie Carl Hagelin, who also skated for the team in the sixth, final leg against Team Chara's rookie from the "hometown" Ottawa Senators, Colin Greening.

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