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2011 NHL Playoffs: Devin Setoguchi's OT Game-Winner Against The Kings

The Kings won a game in San Jose, which means they had home ice advantage and only had to win their games at home to take the series. For about 30 minutes, it looked like things would stay that way. They had a pretty dominating 4-0 lead against the Sharks in Game 3 of their first round matchup of the 2011 NHL Playoffs. They were up 4-0, and it looked like they were in line for a victory. But then the Sharks went on a 4-1 run to send the game into overtime. Once they got into the extra frame, this happened.

When it was all said it done, it was one of the most improbably comebacks in the history of the Stanley Cup Playoffs. he series was tied at one, so this game was absolutely crucial to win. That makes the comeback that the Kings suffered even more painful, because they could have gotten serious control in the series. With that win, the Sharks have regained home ice advantage, and can now win the rest of the series without having to win on the road. It will be interesting to see how the Kings bounce back from this one.