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MLS Cup Playoffs: LA Galaxy Vs. Real Salt Lake: Drawn At The Half

It was an eventful half, as both the Los Angeles Galaxy and Real Salt Lake managed to score goals, leaving the Western Conference Champion still in doubt. The LA Galaxy were given a controversial penalty kick that Landon Donovan took without trouble. Just two minutes later, Real Salt Lake had the equalizer as the Galaxy failed to properly mark on a corner kick. 

The penalty was called for after Omar Gonzalez went up on a ball just outside the six yard box in the 22'. He was pushed from behind by Andy Williams, although some analysts thought the call was soft. Gonzalez may have made a meal of it, but still was pushed in the back while free on goal. Landon Donovan had no trouble converting the penalty, beating Rimando.

RSL was quick to respond, after winning a corner kick. Javier Morales took the kick, which was headed into the path of Alvaro Saborio by Jamison Olave. The Galaxy had been poor on marking set pieces, and almost gave up a goal to RSL in the 12' under similar circumstances. They were just lucky Chris Schuler's header went wide left on that one. 

Robbie Keane has appeared snake bit in the first half, with shots attempts hitting the left post and then bending but not enough and flying wide right. He was yelling for the ball the whole half, it's clear the striker wants to put one in. His chances have looked great, they've just been unlucky. 

David Beckham hasn't shown fatigue, and Juninho's presence has been huge. Both teams are going to press in the second half. Should be a wild one.