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MLS Cup 2011: LA Galaxy Post-Match Reactions

Landon Donovan said it best, when he said that "earlier in his career he would have been happy with the MVP, but now it's all about the win". After winning the 2011 MLS championship, the LA Galaxy drank a lot of beer, drank a lot of champagne, suited up, and headed out to LA Live to do more of the same. After five years of talking about all the egos on the LA Galaxy, seeing Bruce Arena put his arm around Landon Donovan and David Beckham, like they were his boys, and talk about how much he loved this organization, that put a bow on what was arguably the greatest MLS season ever. 

All the secrets came out in the press conference. David Beckham tore his hamstring on Tuesday, and truthfully had a cold Wednesday morning. Nobody was lying about the cold. Bruce Arena just knows better than to start a media fire about David Beckham's availability. Landon Donovan talked about playing through his injuries for the last two months. Bruce Arena, when asked about Donovan skipping the trip to Europe, was candid in saying there wasn't even an option for Donovan. He could not have made that trip and stayed intact for the MLS Cup. 

Let's not forget Robbie Keane. He made some great runs tonight, and made the key assist that lead to the games only goal as well as scoring the initial goal that was called back. This was after word came out of Ireland that he was done for months and might not be available for any of the Galaxy playoff matches. The Beckham to Robbie to Donovan goal have cost $8 million, but those three players gave everything they had to the Galaxy.