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LA Galaxy Win Third MLS Cup Title

The Los Angeles Galaxy proved to the world tonight that it was worth it bringing in David Beckham five years ago. After a three year run as arguably the best team in MLS, the Galaxy got their elusive cup win over the Houston Dynamo with the final score 1-0. Juninho grabbed a giant Angel City Brigade flag and Landon Donovan posed for the cameras as the city of Los Angeles got to celebrate another championship.

Rain threatened to dampen the festivities, but the LA Galaxy had other plans. MLS Cup MVP Landon Donovan pushed in the game winning goal in the 72', after David Beckham headed the ball forward to Robbie Keane who found Landon Donovan who didn't hesitate on the finish. 

That was the games only conversion, but there were plenty of chances for offense. Two David Beckham crosses found the head of Adam Cristman who struggled to keep the ball on target. Cristman was substituted for early in the second half. 

With Cristman off, Robbie Keane really perked up. He had a shot that skipped in front of the mouth of goal and went wide. He had another in the 57' that looked good to everyone at the Home Depot Center but was called back for offside. 

Winning the MLS Cup MVP, Landon Donovan became just the second MLS player to win the MLS MVP twice. Certainly no one can argue that despite coming back slowly from an injury, Landon Donovan provided what the team needed when it needed it. 

The Galaxy finished with three shots on goal, but were out possessed and had the lower passing accuracy. Still, Houston never looked like they wanted to take a serious chance, and missed the presence of Brad Davis on the pitch. "We want Beckham" chants broke out after the game, showing just how embraced he still is.