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LA Galaxy Vs. Red Bulls Gambling Odds: Galaxy 1/2 Goal Favorite

The LA Galaxy have a staggering record at home this year, going completely undefeated. The Galaxy haven’t lost at home since last year’s Conference Final. Given home field advantage, and that they already have the 0-1 result in New York, it’s no surprise the lines opened with the Galaxy a half goal favorite.

The spread for all the home teams this week is half a goal, except for the Seattle Sounders who are one goal favorites. The Sounders are the only team for whom winning the spread requires more than a one goal lead, but the Sounders need at least a three goal lead to push their series to added extra time.

The Galaxy – New York match was the only one of the four quarterfinal match with only one goal in it, so it’s no surprise the return leg is the only one with an over/under of two goals. All the other matches are set at 2.5.

The Odds say an LA Galaxy win 2-1, and I think that’s a likely result. 3-1 on aggregate. The odds also suggest a 2-0 Seattle victory, which would mean the Galaxy would host Real Salt Lake this weekend.