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2013 Dodgers Schedule Opens At Home Against Giants, Includes Yankees In New York

The Dodgers open their 2013 regular season on April 1 against the Giants at home.


The Los Angeles Dodgers on Wednesday released their preliminary 2013 schedule, and it includes a number of firsts, including playing the New York Yankees in The Bronx for the first time ever in the regular season.

The Dodgers open their season on Monday, April 1 against the San Francisco Giants at Dodger Stadium, and end their regular season on Sunday, September 29 against the Colorado Rockies, also at home.

With the Houston Astros moving to the American League West next year, Major League Baseball has uniformity in six divisions of five teams each. Each team plays 19 games against the other four teams in its own division, 20 interleauge games, and six or seven games against the 10 non-divisional foes in the same league.

Fifteen teams in each league also means at least one interleague game at all times, and the Dodgers will head east to play the Baltimore Orioles from April 19-21 at Camden Yards. The Dodgers play four total games against the Yankees, including June 18-19 in New York and July 30-31 in Los Angeles.

Each MLB team will play its designated interleague rival in a pair of two-game series, and the Dodgers play the Angels back-to-back, May 27-28 at Dodger Stadium and May 29-30 in Anaheim.

The Dodgers also host the Tampa Bay Rays for the first time ever at Dodger Stadium, from Aug. 9-11, and they battle the Boston Red Sox in Los Angeles from Aug. 23-25. The Dodgers travel north of the border to battle the Toronto Blue Jays on the road from July 22-24.

The Dodgers will be home on Jackie Robinson Day (Apr. 15) to host the San Diego Padres.

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