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Kenley Jansen To Find Out Fate Tuesday

The Los Angeles Dodgers got some good news on Friday regarding closer Kenley Jansen, as he threw a bullpen session at Dodger Stadium just three days after getting hospitalized for a recurrence of an irregular heartbeat. The Dodgers will know Tuesday whether or not Jansen can pitch again this season.

Jansen has an appointment scheduled Tuesday with team physicians, who will determine his future.

"We don't know what's going to happen with Kenley on Tuesday," said manager Don Mattingly on Friday. "They could tell us he could get ready to pitch, or that he's no longer available."

Because he is on blood thinners, the earliest Jansen could pitch is Friday, September 7 in San Francisco against the Giants. If he is deemed unavailable, he will be out for the remainder of the season.

"He can do everything pretty much that everyone else can do, but he can't do it while they're out there. He can't risk the chance of getting hit by a ball," Mattingly said.

Jansen spent 28 days on the disabled list last season for the same condition, and missed a few days in spring training this year with a recurrence.

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