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Joe Blanton Trade: Dodgers Ownership Continues To Add Salary

The degree of need that the Los Angeles Dodgers had at starting pitcher wasn't too high. But there was a need, however small, and they were able to add Joe Blanton on Friday in a trade from the Philadelphia Phillies. The major cost for the Dodgers will likely be money, something the new ownership group has had no problem in spending.

Blanton is due just under $2.9 million for the rest of the season. The Dodgers definitely needed help the next time through the rotation, rather than have rookie Stephen Fife continue to tiptoe through allowing baserunners. But Ted Lilly could return in as early as 10 days, which would give the Dodgers six starting pitchers. But that's known in baseball as a great problem to have.

"You can never have too much pitching," general manager Ned Colletti said on Tuesday.

Simply absorbing the cost of Blanton is something foreign to the final few years of the Frank McCourt ownership regime, when the Dodgers paid more in prospects to save money in several deals. But Blanton is the fifth new Dodger acquired in the last 10 days, which has added roughly $14 million to the Dodgers' 2012 payroll:

  • Hanley Ramirez ($5.8 million)
  • Shane Victorino ($3.4 million)
  • Blanton ($2.9 million)
  • Brandon League ($1.7 million)
  • Randy Choate ($0.6 million)

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