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Adrian Gonzalez, Stan Kasten Discuss Blockbuster Dodgers, Red Sox Trade

Adrian Gonzalez is on his fifth team. But Gonzalez has approached each situation like a professional and it's how he is looking at his current situation with the Los Angeles Dodgers, as told to XX Sports Radio in San Diego. From Florida to Texas to San Diego to Boston then to L.A., Gonzalez has taken each stop in stride.

"I mean, when I was traded from the Marlins, they needed to make a move to win the World Series and I was the player the Rangers wanted. When I was traded from the Rangers, I was in a spot where there wasn't a position for me. ... From San Diego, it was more of a contract status. The Padres weren't going to be able to offer me anything. And this one, the situation was the Dodgers are in a position to get in a pennant race. ... For me, it's a blessing to know these teams really wanted me."

Dodgers CEO Stan Kasten spoke with 710 ESPN Los Angeles and told them the thing that everyone already knew - money is not an issue in La La Land.

"There's no number in my head, but obviously there are limits. We just want to do all the things we can and we are going to try not to be dull about the things we do. We do need to rebuild this and we think the more energy and effort and resources that we dedicate to scouting and player development, the less need there will be in the future for deals like this. But for now, to get us back to where we think the Dodgers should have always been, we think we had to make moves like this."

Both Gonzalez and Kasten provide their views on the deal that shook up the league. Gonzalez is a Dodger and Kasten is a CEO with deep pockets that wants to field a winner. Both have work to do but the start couldn't be much sweeter.

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