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James Loney Shocked, Excited To Join Red Sox

James Loney is still in a little bit of shock that he was involved in the blockbuster deal that brought Josh Beckett, Carl Crawford and Adrian Gonzalez to the Dodgers and shipped Loney and others to the Boston Red Sox.

"That's all I've known," Loney said of the Dodgers on "But I'm looking forward to the change - I think it'll be great for me and my career. I'm looking forward to playing and winning in this city."

Loney was drafted by the Dodgers in the first round in 2002, so for a decade, the Dodgers organization was home. Now, he's been traded to the Red Sox during the season before his free agency, leaving him in a state of transition.

Loney was struggling with the Dodgers prior to the trade, hitting only .254 with four home runs and a .302 on-base percentage.

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