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Dodgers Claim Josh Beckett On Waivers, According To Report

The Los Angeles Dodgers have claimed Josh Beckett off of waivers from the Boston Red Sox. It's the second big waiver move the Dodgers have made to claim a Red Sox player, claiming Adrian Gonzalez earlier this week. Will Beckett accept the claim or reject it?

Sean McAdam had the initial report on the issue.

Beckett is currently owed $31.5 million over the 2013 and 2014 seasons and is not pitching well this year, which makes this deal a bit of a surprise. He's currently 5-11 this season with a 5.23 ERA and a 1.327 WHIP.

With the Dodgers claiming both Beckett and Gonzalez from Boston, one has to wonder if this is the prelude to a larger trade for the Dodgers to try and grab Gonzalez, with Beckett's contract the collateral needed to get the deal done? And even if the Red Sox want to make such a move, will Beckett allow it? His 10-and-5 rights would allow him to nix the deal if he would prefer not to move from Boston.

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