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Home Run Derby 2012: Trumbo Dazzles But Fails to Advance

Mark Trumbo proved all the vaunted Kansas City Cano Boo Crew wrong and advanced to the second round, hitting hitting for a total of 13. Trumbo appeared to be on the Robinson Cano game plan before he began to tee off on his poor pitching assistant and launched the extreme mega-home runs that the young man is becoming known for. Unfortunately, it wasn't enough as Bautista's strong first round gave just enough of a lead that he was able to tie Trumbo at 13.

The two went into the dreaded swing off. Five swings. Five chances. Winner advances. Trumbo mustered one home run on his last swing, but unfortunately Bautista eeked past Trumbo in the elimination round.

Bautista will face Prince Fielder, who awoke from his first round slumber to maul 11 home runs in the second round for a total of 16.

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