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Home Run Derby 2012: Trumbo Advances; Kemp Does Terrible

Matt Kemp took a few hits from the media for partaking in the Home Run Derby after coming off of a hamstring injury that has kept him sidelined since the end of May. In the end, Kemp should've probably just gone the easy route and stayed at home as the Dodgers slugger struggled to put on any sort of a showcase at all, only hitting one home run.

Robinson Cano took a bit of flack for picking Mark Trumbo instead of Kansas City Royal's slugger Billy Butler, but it turns out he knew who he was picking. Trumbo hit a mix of absolutely towering shots and line drives that somehow kept going forever to the tune of seven home runs. His longest home run went 439 feet and landed on top of the roof of part of Kauffman Stadium. Trumbo leads the league in average home run distance at a shade over 419 feet per dinger. The jeering crowd took its toll on Cano, with each out came a loud chorus of cheers, and with each pause came a loud chorus of boos.

Jose Bautista annihilated balls like he has for the past few years to lead the field with 11 HR in the round. Carlos Beltran hit seven home runs and Prince Fielder hit five home runs to advance to the next round.

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