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MLB Trade Deadline 2012: Ryan Dempster To Rangers, Dodgers Miss Out

The Los Angeles Dodgers were one of the main teams vyiing to grab the services of Ryan Dempster, but they lost out in the end to the Texas Rangers, who ended up grabbing Dempster instead.

Dempster did have the ability to veto the deal, but it's clear that he was happy with going to Texas. This sesaon he's 5-5 posting a 2.25 ERA in 16 starts this year. He's struck out 83 and walked 27, with hitters posting a batting average of .210. Dempster is making $14 million this year.

Apparently the Dodgers were one of Dempster's top choices but it just didn't work out, and he made it clear the Rangers and Yankees were also acceptable destinations. The Dodgers refused to include Allen Webster in the deal and that was that with negotiations with the Rangers.

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