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2012 MLB All-Star Game: Matt Kemp Selects NL Home Run Derby Team

Even though Matt Kemp is on the disabled list, it looks like he will go through with his commitment to participate in the Home Run Derby as captain of the National League team. On Sunday, Kemp completed the team that will join him against the Robinson Cano-led American League team.

The Miami Marlins' Giancarlo Stanton, the St. Louis Cardinals' Carlos Beltran and the Colorado Rockies' Carlos Gonzalez round out the team.

Beltran is hitting .310 with 20 home runs and 61 RBI this season. Gonzalez is hitting .337 with 17 home runs and 58 RBI this season. Stanton - Kemp's first pick - is hitting .282 with 19 home runs and 50 RBI this season.

Fellow Dodger Andre Ethier was set to participate as part of the NL squad but had to back out due to a left oblique injury that has caused him to miss the last four games.

"It's fun to go out there and it's an honor," Ethier said, "but when it all comes down to it, just going out and winning games is my motivation."

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