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MLB Trade Rumors: Dodgers Considered Likely Bidders For Cole Hamels, Ryan Dempster

The Los Angeles Dodgers could benefit from adding a pitcher or two to their starting rotation, and they're expected to be in the market for a couple of the biggest names around. Clayton Kershaw and Chris Capuano have cemented themselves atop the rotation, injuries to Ted Lilly and Chad Billingsley's sore elbow have been a cause for concern.

With a little more than two weeks remaining before the trade deadline, Jon Heyman of CBS Sports took a look at the contending teams looking to make a deal. Here's what he had to say about the Dodgers.

A lot of folks already are figuring they have a good shot at Hamels in the winter, so why not now? They definitely have the bucks to do a deal. They want to add a pitcher, but are also one of many considering Ryan Dempster (Ted Lilly, the ex-Cub, put in a good word for Dempster), who may be most likely for them.

He would be referring to Cole Hamels, the left-handed ace for the struggling Philadelphia Phillies. Hamels is set to become a free agent in three months and will see a huge check, something L.A. can now provide given their ownership change. At the same time, adding a pitcher of Hamels' caliber for the pennant race could be the difference between playing baseball or golf in October.

As for Dempster, the Dodgers have reportedly already made an offer to the Cubs for the veteran righty, although they'll get some stiff competition from just about every team in the league.

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