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MLB All-Star Game 2012: Trout Does Trout Things, Trumbo Strikes Out

With all the hype of Bryce Harper and how he messed up last inning, it was up to Mike Trout do put on a good show to prove the youngsters both belong, and Mike Trout did what Mike Trout always seems to do. Trout lined a single up center off of R.A. Dickey on the second pitch he saw, waited two pitches, and stole second base.

After Trout, fellow Angels soon to be uber-star Mark Trumbo got foiled by Dickey's knuckleball like a lot of hitters have been in the National League and struck out. Dickey beaned Paul Konerko and got Miguel Cabrera to ground into a double play as the soon to become notorious Kansas City crowd booed Cabrera because Billy Butler was in the on-deck circle.

The National League appears to be coasting to victory on this one as the American League hasn't been able to muster much, or capitalize on anything. The NL still leads 8-0 through six innings.

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