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Carlos Lee Trade Rumors: Dodgers Withdraw Their Offer

The Los Angeles Dodgers need to find someone to fix up their gaping hole at first base. The Dodgers have literally gotten no production from the position in the past month, and it's left their lineup always feeling like it's a man short.

The Dodgers tried to make a run at Carlos Lee of the Houston Astros. He's on the downside of his career at 36 years old, but he could be a valuable player to pursue considering his ability to still hit and get on base regularly.

Lee dawdled on the decision though, and it looks as if Los Angeles ran out of patience waiting for his answer. Jon Heyman, Tim Brown and Ken Rosenthal all reported that the Dodgers pulled out of talks earlier today.

The Dodgers continue to struggle to find a solid individual to start for them at first base.

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