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Matt Kemp Doesn't Know Who Tim McCarver Is, May Be Luckiest Person Alive

On Saturday, the Los Angeles Dodgers and the New York Mets were featured as the FOX national game of the week. Universally-acclaimed play-by-play man Joe Buck was not joined by his regular broadcast partner, Tim McCarver for the game. Instead, he was joined by the follicularly unsurpassed all-time Dodgers home run leader Eric Karros, creating a weird booth comprised of human bobbleheads and Axe messy-look hair gel. During the game, Buck and Karros interviewed Dodgers superstar Matt Kemp -- who is currently on the disabled list -- from the dugout. Buck attempted to name-drop McCarver, but to the broadcast team's dismay and the home audience's delight, Kemp has never heard of the guy.

The above video comes to us courtesy of @soccerkevin11 and it is a true delight. Tim McCarver has been broadcasting for over 30 years and has been the color analyst for 21 World Series, including every World Series since Matt Kemp has been in the major leagues. Kemp doesn't even know who that is.

Can you imagine being able to say you don't know who Tim McCarver is? No. You don't. The only thing that would have mad this better is if the camera had stayed on Kemp after the interview was over and, as Kemp was taking off his headset, he would have turned to A.J. Ellis (or whoever) and said, "I don't know who I was talking to, but they sure had stupid voices." And then he would have gone back to leaning on the rail and being awesome.

It's rough that Kemp had to wind up on the DL with hamstring issues, but on the other hand, he doesn't know who Tim McCarver is. I think it's safe to say he's still having a better season than any of us imagined. Please, no one tell him. Leave the memories alone.

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