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Jorge Soler Rumors: Dodgers Among Most Aggressive Teams With Cuban Outfielder

The Los Angeles Dodgers finally have some wiggle room financially following the sale of the club a few months ago, and it appears the new ownership is ready to make some moves. According to a tweet from ESPN's Buster Olney, the Dodgers are among the teams most aggressively pursing Cuban outfielder Jorge Soler.

Soler, 20, is one of the hottest prospects in the world and has the potential to be a superstar one day. He projects to be a right fielder with his size and athleticism, although he could also handle left field. He is yet to face very tough competition, but his bat is also projected to be very good with the proper coaching and development.

The Cuban outfielder comes with some risk and will likely cost upwards of $25 million or so, but his upside is undeniable. The Dodgers will certainly have some money to spend in the offseason, so this does seem like a legit fit. The club also has to think about Andre Ethier's future with the organization though, and that may keep L.A. from bidding with the Yankees, Cubs, Braves and others for Soler.

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