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MLB Trade Rumors: Carlos Lee Has Dodgers Offer, Mulling Over No-Trade Clause

The Los Angeles Dodgers have reportedly made Carlos Lee and the Houston Astros an appealing deal, and now it's just a matter of if the former All-Star will exercise is no-trade clause or not. He has vetoing powers to 14 teams, including the Dodgers. Lee has a very successful cattle ranch in Texas and leaving home might not be a very smart business decision for the 36-year-old first baseman.

Here's the latest on Lee and his decision:

And if you want a timely decision, well, you may be waiting for a while.

Lee is happy with Houston and has plenty of ties to the area, so convincing him to leave will not be easy. There have also been whispers that the veteran would ask for some kind of other financial compensation for accepting the deal, even though he will already earn $18.5 million in salary this year. Lee will be a free agent once the 2012 season wraps up.

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