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Matt Kemp Hamstring Injury: 'It Feels Worse Than The First Time'

Los Angeles Dodgers superstar center fielder Matt Kemp may be headed back to the disabled list, just a short few days after he was activated from it. Kemp aggravated his left hamstring injury while scoring from first on a double in the first inning in Wednesday's 6-3 loss to the Milwaukee Brewers, and the postgame prognosis didn't sound too positive.

"I just felt it grab a little bit," said Kemp after the game. "It's hurting pretty good right now so we'll see what the MRI says tomorrow."

"He'll have an MRI tomorrow, and we'll know more then," said manager Don Mattingly. "Obviously it doesn't look good."

When asked if he would require another stint on the disabled list Kemp said, "I would think so. It feels worse than the first time. We'll see tomorrow. Hopefully the MRI comes back good."

The Dodgers went 9-5 without Kemp the first time he missed, but losing him again won't likely produce the same results. The Dodgers, despite losing their last three games, still own the best record in baseball at 32-18.

"We're not going to have a choice but to regroup and step up," said Mattingly. "We've built a little bit of a rainy day fund with the way we've played early."

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