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Vinny Del Negro, Clippers Head Coach For One More Year

Vinny Del Negro is 72-76 in two seasons as Clippers head coach.


Vinny Del Negro and the Los Angeles Clippers will be partners once again. Donald Sterling picked up his 2012-13 option on the head coach. He's coming back for another go at it!

There was a lot of talk about whether Del Negro would or would not return, but it appears he earned another year to prove himself. The Clippers did manage a significant first round victory by beating the Memphis Grizzlies 4-3, including an impressive Game 7 victory on the road. Los Angeles was summarily swept out of the playoffs by the juggernaut San Antonio Spurs, but Del Negro's Clippers did prove to be very mettlesome

Chris Paul's contract is also up after this upcoming year, so this will be a crucial year of coaching for Del Negro if he plans to remain the Clipper coach going forward.

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