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PHOTO: Magic Johnson, Matt Kemp Grace Cover Of Sports Illustrated

it a fun time for the Los Angeles Dodgers and their fans right now, sitting pretty with the best record in all of baseball, arguably the best player in baseball and a brand-new ownership group that is flush with cash. What else could possibly make it better? Magic Johnson and Matt Kemp on the cover of Sports Illustrated, of course.

Senior writer Lee Jenkins takes a look inside the new face of the Dodgers front office in this edition of SI, speaking with Magic johnson as to how the Dodgers can bring the team closer to their fanbase than ever before.

"When fans fall in love with their teams, it's not just because they're winning. It's also because they are part of their community," said Johnson. "That's where we lost our way a little bit. We need to sign autographs. We need to give to charity. We need to embrace our community again."



Hopefully these guys will be putting simling faces in the seats at Dodger Stadium for quite some time to come.

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