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Dodgers Release Statement On Stadium Parking Lot Incident

There was a regrettable incident after Sunday night's game between the Los Angeles Dodgers and the St. Louis Cardinals. An unruly fan was angry after a car collided into his own, and it resulted in a few injuries and hospitalizations as well as subsequent arrests for the assailants.

The Dodgers released a statement on the incident that provides further details on what exactly happened. The statement comes after the jump.

Last night, at approximately 8:40 P.M., two vehicles were involved in a minor collision as they were exiting near Dodger Stadium's Gate C. According to witnesses, the drivers of the vehicles immediately confronted each other and this led to physical contact between them. Three male friends of one of the drivers also became involved in the altercation. Los Angeles Dodger security personnel and uniformed LAPD officers arrived on scene within moments and apprehended both of the drivers and the three males.

The quick security response prevented the confrontation from escalating further. All persons involved in the incident were examined for injuries at the scene and provided with immediate medical attention. One of the drivers and a female passenger were transported to a local hospital and subsequently released. The other four men involved in the incident were taken into custody.

Northeast Area of LAPD is investigating the incident with the full cooperation of the Dodgers.

Dodger President Stan Kasten had the following comment regarding the incident: "We have made it clear that we are fully committed to providing a safe, family-friendly environment for all of our fans, and the very quick and effective response by our personnel and the LAPD officers on the scene shows that they were properly deployed and fully engaged in this effort."

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