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Vin Scully Returns To Dodgers After Missing Five Games With Bad Cold

Legendary Los Angeles Dodgers broadcaster Vin Scully began to feel sick last Saturday in San Diego, as the Dodgers were in Petco Park to battle the Padres.

"I was terribly sick Saturday night in San Diego," Scully said on Sunday, before the Dodgers battled the Padres at Dodger Stadium, a week after getting a bad cold. "I did the game but couldn't stop coughing and did not sleep a wink. I knew I was a lot of trouble. Tuesday there was no chance."

Scully called Sunday's game in San Diego but has missed the last five contests, including missing his first home opener in 35 seasons.

"I guess I went through all the human emotions. I was so angry at myself for being sick, that I was going to miss opening day. I wanted to be here for that," Scully said.

"I was overwhelmed. We had the TV on opening day and my face was in my pillow. I heard the crowd and the introductions," Scully said. "It was almost heartbreaking to want to be here that badly and not be here, then hear everybody say 'we miss you.' That really was an emotional uppercut."

Scully is back Sunday to call the game, on Jackie Robinson Day at Dodger Stadium.

"Give me a nice sunny day at Dodger Stadium, and Sunday would be the day," Scully said. "In my own private little world, this is my opening day. I have Kershaw. Ain't no bad crowd to hang around with."

"This is a very good day to come back on Jackie Robinson Day. I traveled with Jackie for seven years, including Japan. I saw him play every day, and got to know him pretty well. It's good to come back and get my mind off myself," Scully said. "All I want to do is think about the game, and Jackie, and how grateful I am to be back."

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