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Dodgers Spring Training: Kenley Jansen Sent To Hospital With Irregular Heartbeat

As the Los Angeles Dodgers push forward in their cactus League schedule a bit of bad news came through the clubhouse on Friday after reliever Kenley Jansen was sent to the hospital with a irregular heart bear, according to True Blue LA.

This is the first time Jansen has had a recurrence of these issues, but noted that he had been taking some extra precautions with his health like removing caffeine and fatty foods from his diet, and given his history was only a precaution on the side of the Dodgers.

Fortunately for Jansen and the Dodgers it wasn't anything serious, he was released not long after being admitted, and has been fully cleared to workout with the team once more.

For more news and notes on the Dodgers spring so far, make sure you head voer to True Blue LA, to get in on the action and show off your fanhood.