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Mega Million Lotto Numbers: Matt Kemp Thinks 'More Money' Sounds Awesome, Is Correct

$640 million is a lot of money. If you're having trouble envisioning how much money $640 million is, picture four Matt Kemps. That's right, a Matt Kemp for every slot in the outfield with an extra Matt Kemp left over to pinch-run for one of them. You know, because if you have four Matt Kemps on your team, you're probably already kind of a dick. Yes, $640 million is exactly four times the value of the recent contract extension that Kemp signed with the Los Angeles Dodgers. But the MVP runner-up (cough, cough) was still thinking that $640 million was probably better. He's likely correct.

Kemp purchased a whole mess of tickets in preparation for Friday's landmark Mega Millions lottery drawing. No word just yet as to whether he was the lucky winner (or one of them), as his Twitter feed has gone silent as of late Friday night.

Odds, of course, are not good that Kemp may have won, but perhaps he would have done something really awesome. Like buy a fourth of the Dodgers. Or buy the Oakland Raiders, relocate them to Los Angeles and rebrand them the "San Diego Chargers North." Or buy out and merge In-N-Out and Five Guys so everyone will just shut up, already.

Or pay a guy to follow Frank McCourt around for the rest of his life simultaneously blowing an air horn and a vuvuzela. Actually, let's make that second one happen, no matter who won the lottery. Sounds like a bargain, no matter what it costs.

(For the record, the winning numbers were 2, 4, 23, 38, 46 and the mega number was 23.)

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