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Tommy Lasorda Discusses Dodgers Sale, Magic Johnson on Mason & Ireland Show

Los Angeles Dodgers legend Tommy Lasorda has seen his fair share of happenings in his time with the organization, but with the sale of the team to the Guggenheim group headlined by Magic Johnson and Stan Kasten, Lasorda will now bear witness to a whole new chapter in the storied history of the franchise, possibly into it's best and brightest future the Dodgers have ever seen.

Lasorda was kind enough to join the Mason & Ireland show on ESPN Los Angeles Thursday morning, taking time to discuss the direction the new ownership wants to take the team and the importance of having such a beloved persona as Magic Johnson as the new face of the franchise.

What's the first order of business for this new ownership group as far as you are concerned?

"To start working on making sure we'll get a good team and to make sure the fans recognize that they are interested. They are interested in buying the team. They spent a lot of money for the team and they want them to know they are going to buy this team in hopes of winning a championship for our fans. We have the greatest fans in all of the world."

How close are the Dodgers from being the competitor you want to see them be?

"Well look, I like what I see down here. We got some guys that can play the game. We got some guys that can be exciting and if our pitching holds up we can win."

What are your thoughts on the two guys the fans may not know in the new ownership group? Mark Walter and Stan Kasten?

"Well I don't know too much about Mark Walter, but I know about Stan Kasten. I know he is an outstanding executive. I think he is an outstanding leader and I think if anyone is putting together a winning ball club he is going to be a big part of it."

What does the presence of Magic Johnson do for Dodgers fans?

"Well Magic Johnson is...there is no doubt of his popularity in Los Angeles. He was a winner when he played basketball and he can talk to some of the guys individually and collectively, tell them what it takes to win. That's all. He's a great guy. People love him. I'm so happy to see him involved in baseball."


One of the most important parts of winning is believing you can do so, and this sale has done nothing but invigorate Dodger fans across the globe. I'm sure the feeling is similar within the clubhouse as well as the Boys in Blue are certainly headed in an exciting new direction, led by one of L.A.'s most treasured personalities.

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