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Dodgers Sale: Patrick Soon-Shiong Joins Steven Cohen's Bidding Group

The competition is still stiff among the groups vying to purchase the Los Angeles Dodgers from outgoing owner Frank McCourt. A new favorite among the bidders may have emerged on Sunday, after it was reported that Los Angeles' richest resident plans to align himself with one of the groups.

Bill Shaikin of the Los Angeles Times reports that Patrick Soon-Shiong has joined the bidding group led by billionaire Steven Cohen. This might be the boost Cohen needed to make his interest more alluring (read: profitable) to McCourt.

If McCourt were to accept the Cohen bid, he would be rejecting one led by local icon Magic Johnson. Soon-Shiong has held several meetings with McCourt since the Dodgers were put up for sale in November, according to people familiar with the process.

Soon-Shiong had been widely expected to join the bid group led by Johnson, from whom he bought a minority share in the Lakers two years ago. Soon-Shiong's decision to join Cohen was confirmed Sunday by two people familiar with the sale process but not authorized to comment.

Soon-Shiong would be a minority owner if Cohen's group emerges as the winning bidders.

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