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Fantasy Baseball Rankings 2012: Ryan Braun Overtakes Matt Kemp With Reversed Suspension

Matt Kemp had a tremendous season in 2012 in terms of both on-the-field production and for Fantasy Baseball owners everywhere. Kemp was the unanimous No. 1 overall player in online gaming last year and was projected as the highest-ranked outfielder (and top overall pick) in many leagues around the web.

Now that Ryan Braun had his 50-game suspension lifted, the 2011 NL MVP will rocket up draft boards everywhere as owners prepare for their season. According to ESPN and Yahoo!, Braun will overtake Kemp as the top-outfielder available.

This isn't really surprising news nor is it much of a big deal -- after all, it is just a game for bragging rights over your buddies -- but it does mean that you have a much better chance at landing Kemp if you do not have one of the higher picks in the first round. For a do-it-all kind of guy like Kemp, he can be tremendously valuable to your roster each and every day.

As far as other Dodgers go, Clayton Kershaw continues to be one of the first starting pitchers selected in fantasy drafts and is typically going late in the second round. As for the Angels, Albert Pujols is a consensus top-five pick and Jared Weaver is going in the third or fourth round of most mock drafts.