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Dodgers Sale: Bidders Schedule Meetings With MLB Ownership Committee

The Los Angeles Dodgers are moving closer to finding their future owner. Ronald Blum of AP has more on how things are progressing for the bidders of the Dodgers.

Remaining bidders for the Los Angeles Dodgers have been told they will be scheduled for meetings with Major League Baseball’s ownership committee early next month.

The exact date of each group’s meeting has not been set yet, but the range of dates for the sessions has been given to the bidders, a person familiar with the process said Tuesday. The person spoke on condition of anonymity because the parties have signed nondisclosure agreements.

This is the stage of the sale that makes it different from most MLB sales, as the MLB is pre-approving the bidders (that made it to the second round of bidding) rather than picking the winner at the end. McCourt gets the ultimate final say of who the owner will be, choosing from among the groups pre-approved at this step by the MLB.

There are eleven groups left up for bidding according to this LA Times article, with the likely favorites being the Magic / Stan Kasten and Joe Torre / Caruso groups. Each of these groups will pay MLB approximately $25,000 to run their background investigation.

There’s a lot of negotiating left soon, but the long nightmare for Dodgers fans seems to be nearing an end.

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