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Dodgers add to international scouting staff

The Dodgers hired six new scouts to help their overseas recruitment.


The Los Angeles Dodgers brought in a new team of six international scouts to serve under Bob Engle, who was hired on Nov. 1 as the Vice-President of International Scouting, general manager Ned Colletti announced on Monday.

The six scouts are Pedro Avila, Gene Grimaldi, Patrick Guerrero, Pat Kelly, Jamey Storvick and Mike Tosar, and the group will be split up into various areas of the world. Avila will be coordinator of Venezuela operations, Grimaldi will be coordinator of European operations, Guerrero will be coordinator of Latin America, Kelly will be coordinator of the Pacific Rim, Storvick will be a special-assignment scout in the Pacific Rim and Tosar will be coordinator of Cuba and Mexico.

Avila has been scouting Venezula for the past sixteen years with the Toronto Blue Jays, Seattle Mariners and Texas Rangers. His biggest hit was when he was with the Mariners, when he brought Felix Hernandez to the team.

"The experience and international knowledge these scouts possess will benefit our organization immediately," said Colletti in a press release.