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Dodgers plan several Dodger Stadium upgrades during offseason

The Los Angeles Dodgers will be enhancing the player and fan's experience at Dodger Stadium with a number of upgrades this offseason.

Jeff Golden - Getty Images

The Los Angeles Dodgers are planning a number of improvements to the 60-year old Dodger Stadium this offseason, including upgrades to both home and visitors clubhouses, new indoor batting cages for both home and away teams, and upgrades to the sound and video systems throughout the stadium.

There will also be a number of changes in fan areas as well as team CEO Stan Kasten describes some of the improvements that will happen this winter:

"Out in the seating bowl, we'll have more bars, more restaurants, more hanging out areas that you see in other stadiums."

"We have an aggressive plan, and frankly you would say that it can't get done in the 24 Weeks we have until opening day, especially given the other uses this stadium still has. but we've got Janet [Smith] on the job, and I'm predicting she does get it done by Opening Day...we transformed Olympic Stadium into Turner Field In seven months, and that was a lot of demolition and a lot of construction, so I think we'll get this done."

Janet is Janet Marie Smith, Dodgers Senior VP of Planning and Development. She was hired on Aug. 6 to oversee these upgrades and has worked with Kasten for years. Smith's had the same position with the Baltimore Orioles before coming over to the Dodgers.