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Jackie Robinson's daughter Sharon joins Dodgers board of directors

Sharon Robinson will have an important role with the Dodgers in the coming years.


Jackie Robinson's impact on Major League Baseball has been felt for years, despite him retiring from the game decades ago. This past week, the Los Angeles Dodgers announced that his daughter, Sharon Robinson, would be joining the team's board of directors.

Her role will be to strengthen the bond between the franchise and its most important alumnus, as well as her normal duties in the Jackie Robinson Foundation, according to the Los Angeles Times. Robinson has played a key role in setting up college scholarship funds for students across the nation, as well as planning a Jackie Robinson Museum in New York.

MLB has anointed April 15 as Jackie Robinson Day, which signifies the day he broke the league's color barrier. All players wear Robinson's jersey number, 42, on this day.

"We're excited. We're looking forward to being out there April 15," Sharon told the Times before Game 3 of the 2012 World Series.