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Juan Uribe's Sad Season Ends In Surgery

The sad tale that is the 2011 season of Juan Uribe has come to an end, as the Dodgers' infielder underwent surgery on a sports hernia on Wednesday in Los Angeles. The infielder signed a three-year, $21 million contract that even had Uribe performed at his peak would have been hard to justify, but Uribe this season was far from his peak.


Uribe hit .204/.264/.293 with four home runs in 77 games, and he has been sidelined since July 23. The diagnosis of Uribe's injury has almost been as frustrating as his play. The injury was first thought as something in the abdominal area that would keep Uribe out just a few days. That became a left hip strain which led to a disabled list trip and as the weeks turned into months, a sports hernia was the ultimate classification.


"Juan will be able to start his rehab within the next two weeks and recovery is expected to be 6-8 weeks. It is anticipated that he will be ready to compete in spring training," the Dodgers said Wednesday in a statement. The Dodgers better hope Uribe is ready to compete next season, as he has $16 million and two years remaining on his contract, and figures to start at either third base or second base.


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