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VIDEO: Rod Barajas & Dee Gordon Have an Interesting Dugout Celebration

Despite all the fireworks that shot off in the world of baseball last night, It was unfortunately the end of the road for the Los Angeles Dodgers. Nevertheless,  catcher Rod Barajas and infielder Dee Gordon when out with a bang last night, leaving baseball fans with a bit more to talk about around the water cooler than just the playoffs. 

They tandem brought out a nicely choreographed celebratory routine in the dugout during their 7-5 victory over the Arizona Diamondbacks, where Gordon jumps into Barajas' arms like a little baby, while Barajas rocks him to sleep. No, I'm not exaggerating, and yes, words can not do it justice. So make the jump to see for yourself. 

Watching it without sound only makes me want to fill in the blanks as to what Barajas is saying. I'm sure it was something manly like "let's eat a steak after the game and go to a bar" or "I can't wait to lift more weights." Something along those line I'd assume. And if you take a look at the bench behind them, pitching coach Rock Honeycutt is really enjoying it as well. 

Has to be a fun clubhouse to be in I'd imagine.