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Matt Kemp Stats: Where Dodgers' Outfielder Stands In Triple Crown Chase

Matt Kemp is so close to the National League Triple Crown, has one category locked up (119 RBIs), and has a good chance to win another (tied with Albert Pujols at 37 home runs). but he's going to have to pick up the hitting to pass Ryan Braun of the Milwaukee Brewers and Jose Reyes of the New York Mets with regards to batting average. Braun is currently hitting .3327, Reyes .3308, Kemp .3243.

Eric Stephen of True Blue LA has done a good job calculating what Kemp needs to win the crown, stating that if Kemp goes 15 for 15, he'd finish at .3411. Since that's highly unlikely, anything around .500 hitting would put him close to .330, and that would mean that Reyes and Braun would have to slip up a little down the stretch (1 for 14? 2 for 15?) to get Kemp first place in batting average.

Kemp will need a bit of a surge to finish off the season to pass those two, and would probably need to either hit a lot or hope Braun and Reyes endure serious cold streaks to end the season.  But it'll be most likely a combination of both will be needed for the Dodger to claim his Triple Crown. 

For more on the Dodgers and Kemp's quest for the Crown, check out True Blue LA.