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Clayton Kershaw Unlikely To Be Suspended After Ejection

According to anonymous source, ESPN Los Angeles' Tony Jackson reports that Dodgers starting pitcher Clayton Kershaw in unlikely to be suspended after being ejected in Wednesday night's meeting with the Arizona Diamondbacks

Kershaw was booted after hitting Gerardo Parra in the elbow in the 6th inning Wednesday by home umpire Bill Welke, whom Kershaw gave quite the yell to afterward.  Kershaw took offense to some showboating Parra did against Hong-Chih Kuo Tuesday, slowly leaving the box than jabbering after scoring. The NL Cy Young likely won't be fined much more than the minimum $500 for an ejection. 

For many people it was simple retribution, and it was clear on Tuesday that Kershaw wasn't having any of Parra's antics. He was throwing inside to him his first time up Wednesday, which Parra eventually reached on a double. It was nothing more than some old school baseball, which, honestly, everyone enjoys.  

Make the jump for video of the whole incident.

Kershaw Ejected (via DeThrone69)